Betico Compressors

The Betico SB1-82 is an oil lubricated, reciprocating piston compressor suitable for pneumatic conveying industrial products such as cement, flyash, hydrated lime and similar products that require a high pressure & low volume air supply. They have a low power requirement and are particularly well suited for in-plant and site applications where reliability is of paramount importance. 

A unique feature of these compressors is that they can be fitted with an unloader kit. This kit includes a pilot valve and pneumatic/mechanical system that opens the inlet valves while the compressor is running, venting to atmosphere. This system stops the compressor to pressurizing while running at a set pressure, at a relatively low noise level.

For operating in high ambient temperatures and running for long periods, we recommend fitment of a cooling fan. The cooling fan is fitted to the back end of the crankshaft. The life of the piston rings and cylinders are improved due to lower operating temperatures.

We fully support them, keeping machines and all spare parts in stock. We also offer in-house servicing and reconditioning of these machines.

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