Convair Steel Tankers

Convair Steel Tankers are manufactured in Australia, in our dedicated production facility in Epping, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. We employ the latest engineering principles, 3D design software and lean manufacturing techniques. As a result, we can provide you with high quality equipment, to a realistic & reliable delivery schedule.

Our latest monocoque designs incorporate unique design features that have been developed from many years of industry experience. These include our large volume cones, advanced aeration and discharge systems and lightweight frames. Resulting in tankers of optimal volume and low tare weight, but not at the expense of strength or longevity.

The specification of our tankers includes products that are designed for use in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk materials. These include AKO pinch valves, Bulk Tank Inc. aerators, Knappco hatches, Sure Seal check valves & pressure relief valves etc. They are renowned for providing excellent performance and reliability and have become the industry standard in Australia and New Zealand.

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